Stine Goya Paris Clutch Accessories 4009 Clouds

Paris Clutch - Clouds

Paris Clutch in Clouds. Envelope clutch with fold over brim, hidden magnetic closure and elegant textured material. Recycled Polyester blend.

Recycled polyester is an alternative to virgin polyester, made from recycled plastics.
Making garments from recycled polyester requires less energy, prevents plastic bottles from becoming landfill and produces less pollution.

71% Recycled Polyester/14% Polyamide/15% Metallic

One size

For the Pre-Spring 2023 collection, Stine Goya creates a collection drawn from a holographic universe where art, technology and human interaction meet. Inspired by the collaborative group Teamlab, Cloud 9 draws the wearer in with dimensional textures, ethereal patterns and dynamic silhouettes, to create an other-worldly experience.

Stine Goya Paris Clutch Accessories 4009 Clouds
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