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For Pre Spring 2021, we're launching a new series of CREATIVES WE LOVE – a campaign that highlights the creative individuals, founders and do'ers.

For Pre Spring 2021, we're launching a new series of CREATIVES WE LOVE – a campaign that highlights the creative individuals, founders and do'ers.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

I'm a London based Australian. My husband and I have a restaurant called Elliot's located within Borough Market in London. It's been open for almost 10 years now and focused on quality ingredients from independent growers and low intervention natural wines.

Q: You moved from events PR into the food industry – how did you navigate that transition? And what is your best career advice for someone looking to break into the hospitality and food industry?

Honestly it was kind of a breezy transition as events and hospitality are essentially about the experience. In both roles you are responsible for creating something special for the guest and showing them the spirit of the brand. I think if you want to work and survive in the hospitality and food industry you really need to be genuine and passionate about what it is that you do. It can be a such a tough industry physically and emotionally - you have to work hard! The entrepreneurs, chefs and restauranteurs that I most adore are the ones who stay true to themselves and their vision while remaining humble and respectful to others.

Q: You mentioned that during lockdown Elliot’s transitioned into a shop and began outdoor dining - in a time of big changes, what have been the positive learnings and experiences for you and your partner?

The phrase “go with the flow” has never been more real! As we all navigate through this, it’s been a big lesson to really be flexible and to be ready to pivot at any moment. It’s been such a rollercoaster so you really need to be there for each other, to support each other and not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Never think that you have to deal with this situation by yourself.

Q: How can we / local London community support Elliots and Borough Market at this time?

I definitely want to encourage people to support their local and independent restaurants/shops/cafes as much as they can! It’s so important to remember that buying from an independent or family-run restaurant or cafe will also support the supply chain - from the sustainable farmers to the fishermen, the small scale growers and winemakers, the craft breweries and coffee roasters as well as the distributors who bring these amazing products to you!

Stay tuned for more creatives we love –

Stay tuned for more creatives we love –

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia but based in London, I’m a freelance fashion journalist and aspiring chef with a disconcerting lack of focus and ambitions greater than Mount Everest.

Q: The pandemic has forced the industry to change and adapt, what has been the most exciting development and what do you think brands need to put more focus on?

While detrimental to so many independent businesses and freelancers alike, this pandemic has pushed us all to streamline and focus on what’s important. I quit my job to go freelance just days before the first lockdown hit. Being someone who struggles with having a focus in life, it felt like a fire was lit under my ass which forced me to make real decisions and do things I’d previously only pondered on doing. Writing about things I’ve been thinking about for ages, trying new activities and developing new skills. I think that all (fashion and other) brands should use this time as an opportunity to focus their businesses while also looking beyond what’s already in front of them. It’s the only way to grow from here!

Q: Anything you are currently working on that you want to give a shout out to

Unfortunately, my future Oscar-winning screenplay and NY Times best-selling cookbook are both still very much under wraps so I can’t share them just yet, but in the meantime you can indulge me by following the highly inconsistent yet highly gourmet IG account @dinodishes where my boyfriend Ryan journals critiques things I cook for him. There’s also my own IG @dinobonacic where you can catch me manically sharing my latest eBay cops and fun adventures I get up to on my way to the local Tesco. I’m still considering starting a TikTok account where I make up my own dances to old disco hits. Should I do it?
Q: Please introduce yourself.

I’m Georgia Spray, the Founder of Partnership Editions. I launched Partnership Editions in 2017, having worked in the art world for 5 years and finding it often overly elitist and inaccessible. I wanted to create a platform that connected emerging collectors with the most exciting up and coming artistic talent. Something that felt really curated, without feeling like an elitist club, and that could be affordable.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect around setting up Partnership Editions?

The most rewarding thing is working with an incredible “family” of artists who have become great friends over the years. As the name suggests, Partnership Editions is designed to be a super collaborative platform. We work really closely with our artists and collectors, and the relationships that have sprung out of that close working relationship have been super rewarding. I love hearing from collectors when they tell me that they bought their first ever original work of art from us, and that we have helped them realise that art isn’t just for those with thousands or millions of £ who buy at Mayfair galleries.

Q: Who are the most exciting artists on Partnership Editions right now?

Aargh, I’d never be able to answer this question or have favourites! I think what’s so exciting is seeing each artist’s work evolve and to see what they come up with for each of our drops, which happen every two months. We also have some really exciting artists joining the roster in 2021 - stay tuned for work by Adriana Jaros, Rebecca Sammon, Tiffanie Delune, Nathalie Jolivert and Laxmi Hussain (and many more!)...